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Bike fit is a process, not an event. Your body adapts to more training and regresses from less.  We aim to understand the athlete's goals, background, physiology, and morphology, and are fitting the bike to that athlete. If necessary start a dialogue including your cycling coach other practitioners to find the long-term solution to your healthy cycling. 
I began doing bike fittings over 14 years ago but my passion and skill as a fitter has evolved rapidly over the last 5 years.  After years of pursuing graduate-level education in exercise physiology and biomechanics to become a coach and help athletes, I finally saw my own potential; being able to combine an engineering background and a coach's training to truly understand the interaction of the body and bike to provide ongoing solutions.

Retul 3D Fit: Classes

Fittings start at $300 including:
● Rider Interview
● Extensive Physical and Detailed Flexibility Assessment
● Dual Side Retul V7 realtime capture
● Saddle Fit Assessment 
● Cleat/Shoe Alignment and importance of arch and forefoot support.
● Handle Bar Positioning/Fitting
● Adjustment of controls
● Varus/Valgus Cleat/Shoe Correction
● Suspension Setup* *on bikes with adjustable suspension
● Fit Report Documentation and Retul Zin metric report
● 60-Day Fit Guarantee or follow up included if position not final or parts need for a final fit check
● 12-Month Follow-up included. The first 60 minutes included then hourly after that, can be in person or virtual

Want to buy a bike fit for someone else, we have gift certificates!

Second Bike Fit from $150: 
● A bike fit on a bike of a different style. Such as Rd and TT or MTB and Gravel?  Tandem or recumbent... just ask.
Returning Fit from $150: 
● If it has been more than 12 months since your last fit or you get a new bike we need to account for more significant changes while still knowing the athlete history. Consider this as going back in for a regular visit with your primary care physician or physical therapist.  Regular time in the fit room allows me to keep as close an eye on your bike fit as your coach does with your ongoing training. 

* Additional parts extra, mechanical work not included above billed hourly every 30 minutes such as cutting steer tubes or seat posts, re-cabling brakes, re-configuring Di2.  Some mechanical work is beyond the scope of what we can do, and we will refer you to a specialist, in certain circumstances that may add time to or even suspend your fit.  

My bike fit studio with all the tools, parts, and accessories are done in Brevard but we can also travel to your location with a limited selection of parts. 
Have a group doing a training camp? We can arrange to do bike fittings and then help run support and logistics.

Retul 3D Fit: Classes
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